When played on Tesla coils, "Dueling Banjos" sounds even more ominous

In the 2072 remake of Deliverance, the vacationing clone of Ned Beatty will have his data cloud unlawful breached by a duo of mutant, retro-obsessed hackers who will demand that he "squeal like a Commodore 64." Also Burt Reynolds will be reprising his role, as Burt Reynolds is more of an ideal than a man, and you can't… » 3/14/12 5:45am 3/14/12 5:45am

Proof that Tesla coils make for dapper hats

This is MIT student Tyler Christensen's Tesla coil hat, which — in the name of sheer comedy — he programmed to play the theme from Mortal Kombat (recently) and Harry Potter. Sadly, strapping a Tesla coil to one's head isn't always the best idea — the hat blew up before he could show it off on Halloween. » 11/15/11 10:05am 11/15/11 10:05am

If Tesla coils appeared in the Matrix, they'd look like this

Everyone loves a Tesla coil. Photographer Rob Flickenger is such an aficionado that he photographed one blazing à la "bullet time" from The Matrix. 100+ Tesla coils blasting in the background of every other scene would've improved the sequels immensely. » 6/29/11 4:35pm 6/29/11 4:35pm