Wow, a Dystopian Coming-of-Age Novel With Actual Real Science

At this point the glut of novels about a young person growing up in a fearsome dystopia has become kind of insane, especially as the dystopias have gotten more and more far-fetched. So it's refreshing to read a novel like Jane Rogers' Testament of Jessie Lamb, where the dark future involves actual science. And real… » 5/23/13 4:43pm 5/23/13 4:43pm

Jane Rogers wins the 2012 Clarke Award!

This year's Arthur C. Clarke Awards had a slightly controversial shortlist, but the winner seems likely to make a lot of people happy: It's the Booker-longlisted novel The Testament of Jessie Lamb by Jane Rogers. » 5/02/12 12:55pm 5/02/12 12:55pm