Texas Health Worker Tests Positive for Ebola

According to officials, a worker at the Texas hospital that cared for the United States' first Ebola patient has tested positive for the disease. » 10/12/14 3:51pm 10/12/14 3:51pm

Synthetic weed may cause heart attacks, but it's tough to ban

Spice, Blaze, K2, Red X Dawn. Any of them sound familiar? They're different brands of synthetic pot — psychoactive drugs (commonly marketed in head shops as incense) which contain chemicals that, much like the THC in marijuana, act on the cannabinoid receptors in your brain. Sounds peachy, right? There's a catch.… » 7/18/12 10:25am 7/18/12 10:25am

Behold a bat house the size of a human home

To combat the spread of malarial mosquitoes in Texas in the early 1900s, bacteriologist and fledermaus appreciator Dr. Charles Campbell of San Antonio built this massive bat house (which was one of several). This roost was on stilts so that the bats' nitrogen-rich guano could be collected as it plopped to the ground. » 5/21/12 11:20am 5/21/12 11:20am

It's officially legal to kill Bigfoot in Texas

Cryptid conservationists, be on the alert; it's officially open season on Sasquatch. According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, if you can find Bigfoot in the state of Texas, you can kill it. » 5/05/12 8:00am 5/05/12 8:00am

Texas filmmaker self-funds fan flick about TMNT sidekick Casey Jones

With almost no funding, Austin filmmaker Polaris Banks made his own 35-minute fan movie about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's cricket bat-wielding vigilante friend Casey Jones. Banks got Robbie Rist, the voice of Michelangelo in the movies, to lend his pipes to the no-budget production. » 8/23/11 10:50am 8/23/11 10:50am

Unemployed ninja advertises his wares on San Antonio news station

Mere days after a ninja vandalism streak in Pittsburgh, a San Antonio ninja has turned to local television to market his shinobi prowess. He is also "a dancer, a math wizard and prank caller." A ninja mathemagician? I'm sold. » 4/30/11 8:00am 4/30/11 8:00am

Wandering mummy terrorizes unsuspecting Texas neighborhood

Last week, a bandaged prowler resembling a mummy bedeviled the Houston suburb of Cypress. Residents who encounter the mummy should contact law enforcement. Do not chase him down and grind him into archaic medicine using a mortar and pestle. » 1/10/11 10:00am 1/10/11 10:00am

Worst time-traveling serial killer ever: The Texas time-travel massacre!

Kylie Travis is fleeing from a gun-toting serial killer (James Belushi with a truly rotten Texas accent) when she stumbles into a time machine that zaps her back 20 minutes, to listen to Belushi's dreadful blow-job jokes all over again. » 8/03/10 5:30pm 8/03/10 5:30pm

It's officially chupacabra season in Texas

Hood County, Texas has had a rash of chupacabra sightings lately. Two mysterious, mammalian corpses have been found since last week, perplexing animal control officers and raising the hopes of chupamaniacs everywhere. It's the most cryptacular time of the year! » 7/11/10 8:00am 7/11/10 8:00am

Reporter Joins Freelance Bigfoot Investigators For A Night In The Woods

In December 2009, a homeless couple in San Antonio called 911 after witnessing a mysterious creature carry away a deer. News 4's Delaine Mathieu recently joined Dallas-based Bigfoot investigators TBIG for an evening of man-ape hunting. What did they find? » 5/05/10 6:20am 5/05/10 6:20am

Could The Girls From Planet 5 Be The Best Novel Ever?

With Texas talking about seceding from the rest of the country, who's going to save us from the space amazons? That's the message of The Girls From Planet 5, possibly the greatest novel ever. » 4/22/09 12:19pm 4/22/09 12:19pm

Texas Officially Makes The Universe Ageless

How old is the universe? Scientists agree that the answer is somewhere around 14 billion years (give or take a few million)... unless you happen to be a student in the state of Texas. » 4/01/09 10:30am 4/01/09 10:30am

Hackers Warn Texas of Coming Zombie War

Over the weekend, Austin, TX drivers received some important warnings from their road signs about the impending zombie invasion. And the hackers who did it may know something we don't about the undead. » 1/29/09 11:12am 1/29/09 11:12am

Earth Angry, Sends Sarlaccs to Eat Humanity in Giant Texas Sinkhole

It was only a matter of time. After drilling Mother Earth and exploiting her oil resources for centuries, the planet is retaliating. A sinkhole 260 feet deep and 900 feet long has opened up in Daisetta Texas, swallowing Telephone poles, tractors, and oil drilling equipment. The hole was still growing as of Thursday,… » 5/09/08 1:00pm 5/09/08 1:00pm