Spend a lovely day with the kids at Thailand's Hell torture theme park

90 minutes outside of Bangkok sits the Wang Saen Suk Hell Park, one of several "hell gardens" that can be found throughout Thailand. At this tourist destination, you can pack a picnic and ramble around the charming sculpture garden, which depicts sinners being eviscerated wholesale in the Buddhist underworld. »6/05/12 12:50pm6/05/12 12:50pm

Faced with rising floodwaters, Thai citizens turn to homemade jet skis and abandoned highway parking lots

Since this summer, a particularly strong monsoon season has caused dangerous floodwaters to raise across Thailand. These waters have killed over 500 people and caused several billion dollars in property damage already. In cities like Bangkok, residents have adjusted to the rising waters by flood-proofing their… »11/15/11 8:05pm11/15/11 8:05pm

In Uncle Boonmee, a man's final family reunion brings Thai sasquatches and catfish sex

In the Palme d'Or-winning supernatural drama Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives , director Apichatpong Weerasethakul chronicles his titular character's final days in the Thai countryside, where he's reunited with his dead wife and lost son, who's undergone an otherwordly transformation. »3/05/11 2:45pm3/05/11 2:45pm