Marvel's What If? Comics Are Coming Back, and They're All About Thanos

For years, Marvel put out a What If? comic series, pondering alternate realities in the Marvel universe, covering everything from “What If Wolverine was a Vampire?” to “What if Aunt May was a Superhero?”. You know, the big questions. But this year, the series is back for a short run, with its eyes on the Mad Titan . »7/14/15 12:00pm7/14/15 12:00pm


What’s Wrong With The Supergirl Trailer? Everything And Nothing.

Greetings my post-apocalyptic pen pals! Full disclosure: We have lost all pen technology in my dark future. However, I do know who the best supervillain on TV is, what Thanos’ evil plan in the MCU is, and more, so it all works out, more or less. Besides, we still have pencils, even if we mostly use them to stab tiny… »5/21/15 3:42pm5/21/15 3:42pm

Mad gods! Jesus clones! Snow angels! Ice cream trucks! You can’t handle the insanity of This Week’s Comics!

The big news is that the terrifying Thanos returns to the Marvel universe this week! Now, you folks who only know him by the stinger during the Avengers’ movie credits may not know why he’s so scary, especially since he spends most of his time trying to impress his girlfriend. Here’s the problem: His girlfriend is… »4/02/13 5:20pm4/02/13 5:20pm

Thanos concept art from The Avengers shows the mad titan close up

Tucked away in some crazy marketing ploy exclusive app designed to get fans to spend all of their money on new Avengers Blu-rays and DVDs is some very nice Thanos concept art. Behold the macho, ribbed chin of the Avengers' next big problem. This art was hidden inside the Avengers Initiative: Marvel Second Screen… »9/27/12 9:35am9/27/12 9:35am

Watch The Avengers' big secret villain reveal right now!

The Avengers had not one, but two extra endings. One featured the crew feasting on shawarma, post-alien battle — and another revealed the future big bad, Thanos! Behold the live action face of Thanos, and the future problem for Earth's Avengers. This clip was released to promote the upcoming Avengers DVD and Blu-ray… »7/31/12 3:45pm7/31/12 3:45pm