Why Alien Invasion is the Perfect Metaphor for Growing Up Black in America

Keith Josef Adkins' The Abandon follows five African American men who go on a camping trip together, only to find out that aliens have invaded the planet. The webseries (which we featured in our "crowdfund this" roundup) raised $8000 on Indiegogo, and the first episode launched around Christmas. » 1/15/13 3:41pm 1/15/13 3:41pm

Crowdfund a film about the last Soviet microstate, a video game about an intern on the moon, and a post-apocalyptic TV series

This week's round of crowdfundable projects takes us to the tiny fictional state of Unterzoegersdorf, where a feature film would rope UN peacekeepers into a world of political intrigue. Or you might rather travel to the moon, where a sidescrolling video game has you battling monsters and solving puzzles.… » 7/08/12 12:00pm 7/08/12 12:00pm