Philip K. Dick's estate is suing the makers of The Adjustment Bureau

The Adjustment Bureau features a gang of well-haberdasheried angels who step in to make sure the universe follows the plan laid out in their notebooks. But a new lawsuit claims that the makers of the film used their own dimension-jumping hats to steal Philip K. Dick's intellectual property. » 4/25/12 9:41am 4/25/12 9:41am

A whole TV show about the Adjustment Bureau and their magical fedoras?

The Adjustment Bureau, or Philip K. Dick for Dummies is getting a second chance to dazzle you with their teleporting hat-wearing boys' club. Syfy is developing an Adjustment Bureau TV show. And with the best part of the film being the big-name stars Matt Damon and Emily Blunt, let's just say we don't have high hopes… » 10/04/11 11:10am 10/04/11 11:10am

Every Philip K. Dick Movie Ranked from Best to Worst

Philip K. Dick is one of the best American writers. The themes he tackled time and time again have had a profound influence on what we know as modern science fiction today. So, with the latest Dick adaptation, Adjustment Bureau, premiering this Friday, March 4, and a director for Ubik finally announced, I thought I'd… » 3/02/11 2:44pm 3/02/11 2:44pm