Mike Mignola tells us Hellboy's big plans for 2012

io9 recently had the chance to catch up with the one and only Mike Mignola and get the scoop on all things Hellboy. The prolific comic creator told us the secrets of Big Red's wrestling match with Frankenstein's Monster, why he can't watch The Amazing Screw-On Head TV show, and what to expect from 2012's big Hellboy… » 12/26/11 2:35pm 12/26/11 2:35pm

Hellboy 2's Psychic Entity Voiced By Family Guy

Seth MacFarlane, creator and voice of The Family Guy, was the only possible actor to provide the voice of Johann Kraus, the disembodied psychic entity who lives in a containment suit, director Guillermo del Toro told New York Comic-Con. "It was very difficult to find Johann a voice, to duplicate the wheezing and… » 4/20/08 12:00pm 4/20/08 12:00pm