Game of Thrones finds a Sand Snake. Knights of Badassdom is coming!

Joss Whedon discusses the role of Black Widow and Hawkeye in Avengers 2. Kevin Feige lets us know when the next Marvel films will be announced. Another Mark Millar comic is becoming a film. One superhero director wants to tackle the Sandman movie. Plus another nerve-shattering Gravity trailer. Spoilers ahead... »7/26/13 9:00am7/26/13 9:00am

Emma Stone explains how Gwen Stacy's relationship with Spider-Man is "reverse-Oedipal"

What's it like dating a masked avenger? Does Gwen know that her beloved Peter Parker is actually the web-slinging superhero Spider-Man? We asked Emma Stone about dating the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, and being torn between her boyfriend and her dad. And we talked to director Marc Webb on making the movie he… »3/22/12 5:42pm3/22/12 5:42pm

We've seen Amazing Spider-Man's new sizzle reel, and we think we know how this movie ends!

Today The Amazing Spider-Man launched an international press day, with cast members and director Marc Webb. And not only did they premiere a brand new trailer, but we saw a giant sizzle reel. What did we think of Hollywood's new Peter Parker, and what did we see? We describe our first impressions for you, below! »2/06/12 5:05pm2/06/12 5:05pm