Tron Legacy director takes you inside the movie's music. Plus are some…

Tron Legacy's director explains how Daft Punk's score complements the film. Ian McKellan is almost officially back as The Hobbit's Gandalf. Spider-Man's new suit will be high-tech. A trio of amazing Doctor Who rumors, plus Walking Dead and True Blood. » 11/30/10 6:00am 11/30/10 6:00am

Potter Vs. Voldemort: First Photo of the Big Confrontation!

Check out the first picture of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, coming in June. Looks like Harry's in a tough spot. Warner Bros. also released high-res pics of Sherlock Holmes 2, Sucker Punch and other 2011 films. » 11/24/10 12:27pm 11/24/10 12:27pm