Robert Downey Jr. literally owns the Avengers' Emblem

Actors taking home items from the movies and TV shows they work on is a very common practice - but it's normally just a piece of costuming or a small prop. Robert Downey Jr however, doesn't tend to do things the usual way though, and his memorabilia from The Avengers was a little bit bigger than that. » 10/19/14 12:57pm 10/19/14 12:57pm

Marvel Superheroes, Recreated As Custom LEGO Minifigures

Marvel and LEGO enthusiast autorazr has a mission: To recreate as many custom Marvel superheroes in LEGO form as possible. This includes characters from different timelines and universes, characters wearing their old and their new costumes. Villains that will probably never get their own set. So basically everyone. » 7/18/14 5:51am 7/18/14 5:51am

How to film an epic New York battle scene without actually being in New…

As hard as this is to believe, very little of The Avengers was shot in New York City, including the epic finale. To pull off the trick, the Industrial Light and Magic crew created an intricately detailed 20-block "digital playground" that was mapped against the real thing. Check out this video to see how they pulled… » 2/25/13 2:20pm 2/25/13 2:20pm

It's official: Avengers has the most successful opening weekend ever.…

In case you were still wondering whether this Avengers thing would catch on with the kids... The big Marvel team-up movie amassed over $200 million in its opening weekend, for a bigger debut than the last Harry Potter movie, The Dark Knight... or any other movie, ever. (In non-inflation-adjusted terms.) » 5/07/12 6:30am 5/07/12 6:30am

New Avengers trailer shows the mental damage Joss Whedon is ready to…

"We're not a team, we're a time bomb!" warns Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner in this brand new Avengers trailer. This is the first real time we're seeing how damaged each one of these supers really is. Hell, even Loki knows it when he asks, "How desperate are you that call on such lost creatures to defend you?" After all… » 2/29/12 9:13am 2/29/12 9:13am

LEGO Lord of The Rings, Avengers, and Deadpool debut at Toy Fair!

Yesterday, we saw the first salvo of plastic homunculi to come out of Toy Fair. Today, glimpses of upcoming LEGO Lord of The Rings, Avengers, and Marvel and DC Comics play sets have begun circulating around the internet. Check out such characters as Lex Luthor, Loki, Magneto, Deadpool, and that freewheeling cave troll… » 2/12/12 11:45am 2/12/12 11:45am

Has the Avengers board game revealed the movie's enemy soldiers?

There's been a lot of speculation about the monstrous soldiers that appear in the latest Avengers trailer. Are they Frost Giants? Skrulls? Something else? Well, new photos from the Avengers strategy game may have the answer. » 2/12/12 8:00am 2/12/12 8:00am

At Toy Fair, MTV Geek got a close look at the new game, and noticed these little pink devils…

Every Amazing Detail from 5 Super Bowl Trailers — Including the Avengers

Last night we saw a ton of new movie trailers during the Super Bowl — including one amazing long look at The Avengers. We rounded up all the spots and stripped them of all their secrets in this five-part gallery. See what the aliens in Battleship look like, get a better look at a lady Thark from John Carter, and… » 2/06/12 12:07pm 2/06/12 12:07pm