Amazing, never-seen images from the making of The Ten Commandments

Some previously unseen images from the legendary movie The Ten Commandments are up for auction, and we've got a preview. Holy hell, this movie was massive. Take a look at the oil paintings that were used as concept art for Charlton Heston's makeup. Amazing. » 1/24/14 2:00pm 1/24/14 2:00pm

This Comprehensive Map Traces 463 of the Bible's Contradictions

No matter what your beliefs, it's hard to deny that the era in which the Bible takes place was a more, uh, brutal time, filled with plagues, salt pillars, and excessive murders—plus plenty of conflicting moral diktats from the man himself. Now, one designer has built a handy map to help us navigate the text. » 8/23/13 12:40pm 8/23/13 12:40pm

Will Smith To Star As The First Vampire Ever: Cain, From The Bible!

Cain, of "Cain and Abel" Biblical fame, is just one of the many mythical origins of the vampire. And who better to star in his blockbuster biopic than The Fresh Prince? That's right, people: Will Smith is the original vampire. » 7/16/10 2:01pm 7/16/10 2:01pm

What Other Classics Need To Be Given The Odyssey Treatment?

News of a possible Brad Pitt sci-fi version of The Odyssey » 10/18/08 12:00pm 10/18/08 12:00pm got us thinking. No, not about how quickly we could leave the planet in case said movie ever actually came out, but about what other classic literature could be turned into science fiction vanity projects for some of our favorite actors. Join us as we consider…