The Big Bang: Proof That Not Everybody Can Be Tarantino

Some movies just want to blow shit up and feed you cheesy one-liners, plus the occasional bit of eye-candy. And then there are movies that really want to be clever and meaningful. When a clever movie fails, it fails harder. » 5/13/11 1:30pm 5/13/11 1:30pm

Wolverine could be back for the next X-Men: First Class movie. Plus theā€¦

Kenneth Branagh talks about both of Thor's superheroes, while The Hunger Games finds its Head Gamemaker. The Highlander reboot is still happening, and Matt Smith discusses the future (and past) of River Song on Doctor Who. » 5/06/11 6:00am 5/06/11 6:00am

Which summer movie will be this year's surprise hit?

Every summer, there's at least one movie underdog that takes audiences by storm. A movie that doesn't belong to an established series or feature a fan-favorite character, but still wins us over. A hit original amongst sequels and reboots. » 5/03/11 2:02pm 5/03/11 2:02pm

First two clips from subatomic particle sex magic movie The Big Bang

Check out two totally noir clips The Big Bang, in which Antonio Banderas plays a private dick who stumbles onto a plot to recreate the beginning of the universe? » 4/27/11 10:32am 4/27/11 10:32am

28 Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies That Could Rock Your Summer

Could this be the biggest movie summer of all time? It's sure looking like it. Almost every weekend features at least one, and maybe two or three, movies with a science fiction, fantasy or comics pedigree. » 4/18/11 2:14pm 4/18/11 2:14pm

Short film shows off what's left of New York City's Mole People

Urban explorers from Undercity took their cameras down below and into NYC's century old sewer systems, abandoned subway stations, and inside the Lincoln Tunnel to see the remnants of the society of tunnel folk. Watch what they uncovered. » 1/02/11 7:07pm 1/02/11 7:07pm

Stop motion graffiti artist paints the beginning and end of the world

We've praised street artist Blu's mutant take over Buenos Aires in 08, but the latest piece of work really sets our world on fire. Watch the beginning and end of our planet, painted across buildings, fences, trash cans and more. » 7/06/10 8:00am 7/06/10 8:00am