Batman Gets Brave, Bold And Beetled In New Cartoon Clip

Batman faces off with pointy-eared aliens and bug-eyed space dictators in this clip from the upcoming animated series Batman: The Brave And The Bold »10/27/08 4:20pm10/27/08 4:20pm. It's all to help Blue Beetle save some weird dancing amoebas. Is it some strange Joker-toxin-induced nightmare... or the return to the type of awesome old-school sci-fi…

New Batman: The Brave & The Bold Cartoon Believes Fun Should be a Tool in Batman's Utility Belt

Sure, The Dark Knight is a widely acclaimed film that mesmerizes with its portrayal of darkness and obsession, but isn't there more to Batman than grimness? The creators of the new Cartoon Network show Batman: The Brave and The Bold think so. They've created the goofiest, most kid-friendly Batman since the 1970s, as… »7/26/08 11:00am7/26/08 11:00am