Kage Baker Hospitalized, Please Send Your Cards And Best Wishes

All our best wishes are going out to Kage Baker, the author of the Company series of novels. She's been hospitalized with uterine cancer, and is undergoing treatment, but it's already metastized to her brain. Click the link for details about where you can send cards and letters. [Tribe.net] » 1/18/10 1:07pm 1/18/10 1:07pm

In Which Some Steampunk Novels are Discussed

Goggles, gaslights and gears, oh my! Steampunk is a steadily growing subgenre of speculative fiction. We review four current and forthcoming books that have been affixed with that label... in an elegant copperplate hand, naturally. » 8/12/09 10:59am 8/12/09 10:59am

The Brits Win the Space Race in "Empress of Mars"

In the closing years of the 23rd Century, the British Arean Company, a private corporation, establishes first human colony on Mars. How do the Brits get there first? Find out in Kage Baker's new novel. » 5/13/09 2:43pm 5/13/09 2:43pm

Win a Chainmail Shirt!

To celebrate the release of fantasy war apocalypse novel The Company » 11/10/08 11:20am 11/10/08 11:20am, Orbit Books is giving away two chainmail shirts. Yeah, that's just the way they roll. You know you want one! Find out .