The Creature From The Black Lagoon Rises Again, With A Director!

It would seem that all the original monsters are getting remade, what with the vampire surplus and and Wolf Man movie, it's only fair that the Creature should get his turn. And now he will. And it might be good! » 12/16/09 6:30am 12/16/09 6:30am

The Creature From The Black Lagoon Reemerges Gill By Gill

The Creature From The Black Lagoon's fish-man is back, in a new remake of the 1954 classic. And the new version of the Creature has already been designed. Director Breck Eisner wants the new movie to be as scary as the original, but also wants you to empathize with the misunderstood and woman-craving mutant Gilly. » 5/06/08 11:50am 5/06/08 11:50am