After Peak Oil, We'll Have To Rely On Pure Sex Energy [NSFW]

The world's energy supplies are totally depleted, in the dark dystopian future - until a researcher discovers that human sexual excitement can be harnessed to create pure electrical energy. Witness the wonders of electrodes and orgasms. For science. (It's NSFW.) » 1/19/10 7:32pm 1/19/10 7:32pm

Cram Your Hard Drive With Sexorcists, Sextremists And Interstellar…

The original source for science-fictional sleaze, Something Weird Video, just launched a new video download service, letting you grab entire weird exploitation movies that your parents felt guilty sneaking out to watch. And they're as cheap as their original budgets. » 11/25/09 8:30am 11/25/09 8:30am

Mad Sexology Meets Disembodied Brain in "The Curious Dr. Humpp"

Even if you're a connoisseur of strange movies, The Curious Dr. Humpp will still be one of the strangest you'll ever see. It started out as an early-1960s Argentinian brain-in-a-jar flick about a mad doctor who has to harvest sexual energy from hot co-eds to feed a brain (that would be Dr. Humpp) who feeds on sexual… » 1/10/08 5:00pm 1/10/08 5:00pm