How did The CW become THE go-to network for fantastical television?

Not long ago, The CW seemed like the home of Gossip Girl and 90210, with one night of fantasy fare like Supernatural or Vampire Diaries. But this week, the network is airing finales of five genre shows. Season finales, not series. And next season, The CW adds four more SF/fantasy shows. And most of these shows are… »5/15/13 4:00pm5/15/13 4:00pm

We could be watching The CW's answer to The Hunger Games this fall

On paper, The CW's show The Selection sounds like a slam dunk: a TV version of Hunger Games, set 300 years in the future, where the reward for winning is to marry a handsome prince. But when The CW actually filmed a pilot last year, the results were apparently not satisfactory — perhaps not surprising, given some… »1/23/13 3:20pm1/23/13 3:20pm

How will Arrow escape the curse of superhero TV shows?

Television is littered with failed superhero TV shows. If you don't count Person of Interest, then only the only successful superhero shows of the past decade are Smallville and (for a while) Heroes. So how will Arrow, the new DC Comics adaptation launching on the CW this fall, avoid the curse of the superhero show?… »7/20/12 6:51pm7/20/12 6:51pm

Intense First Clip From The CW's New Superhero Show Arrow!

The CW is finally launching a new superhero show to replace the long-running Smallville — and it focuses on Green Arrow, DC Comics' counterpart to the Avengers' Hawkeye. Check out the first ever clip, which mostly consists of a shirtless Oliver Queen working out, making arrows, and scowling at the camera. We're in. »5/17/12 1:38pm5/17/12 1:38pm

Supernatural And Smallville Renewed — But Is There Any Place Left For Them To Go?

Cinemaspy is reporting that the CW has renewed both Supernatural and Smallville for one more season each. In the case of Smallville, presumably this means more baby steps towards Clark becoming Superman — maybe next year, he'll put on red boots but keep the all-black ensemble otherwise? But after Eric Kripke was so… »1/25/10 12:30pm1/25/10 12:30pm