Three Dark Knight Rises clips tease Batman's return to Gotham

Check out three brand new Dark Knight Rises clips, showing off all of your favorite citizens of Gotham — plus a few new ones as well. Watch Morgan Freeman show off his new Bat-wares, Anne Hathaway dance around as the sexy but kind of pissed Catwoman, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt get serious with Gary Oldman. Can't. Wait. » 7/12/12 9:32am 7/12/12 9:32am

Did Chris Nolan clean up Bane's mumble mix for The Dark Knight Rises?

A few weeks ago, there was a bat-rumor that Warner Bros. was freaking out over the public's reaction to Bane's muffled voice. Getting Chris Nolan to bend to studio will is a pretty difficult task, but this time it seems the studio has won. Bane apparently got a voice job. » 1/03/12 7:30am 1/03/12 7:30am

Please let this Joker Jr. Doll inspire a Dark Knight Babies line

Aw it's a wittle baby Joker! Don't you just want to pinch its cheeks and coo "why so serious?" at his creepy smeared lips? Let's hope this adorable Joker Doll inspires the internet masses to clamor for a Dark Knight Rises Baby Doll line. It can't be any worse than Baby Voldemort! » 12/26/11 12:00pm 12/26/11 12:00pm

Will the studio make Christopher Nolan change Bane's voice in The Dark…

If you've seen the trailer and read our report of the The Dark Knight Rises prologue you know there's one mumbly, bumbly problem: Bane. The Vader-faced villain is often very difficult to understand. So, does any of this have director Chris Nolan bothered? No, not really. » 12/20/11 3:41pm 12/20/11 3:41pm

We've seen the Dark Knight Rises prologue. And yes, Bane really does…

We waited with a herd of anxious Batman fans for the first public IMAX screening of the The Dark Knight Rises prologue that's running before Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol. It was seven minutes of action and intensity — with lots of good, and one big bad. » 12/15/11 11:18pm 12/15/11 11:18pm

A 20-minute breakdown of why The Dark Knight's chase scene didn't make…

I don't know about you, but I found the truck chase in The Dark Knight to be the film's high-octane centerpiece. Jim Emerson was less enamored of it and made a meticulous, 20-minute critique explaining the scene's many flaws. Namely, the chase's disjointed characters close-ups and off-kilter editing. He does bring up … » 9/13/11 2:35pm 9/13/11 2:35pm