Thor, Jane and Loki reveal new worlds in The Dark World featurette

This new behind-the-scenes video of Thor: The Dark World contains the requisite talking heads of the stars, director and producer all saying large the "scale" of the movie is going to be. But watch carefully and you might see a few new locales of Asgard, Midgard, and possibly a few other -gards as well. » 8/20/13 1:30pm 8/20/13 1:30pm

Fall Movie Guide: Our Forecast on 20 Science Fiction and Fantasy Films

This fall is just packed with movie goodness. A lot of the year's most ambitious films are coming out in the next four months. Including huge space epics, massive franchise pictures... and Marvel's first post-Avengers movie without Iron Man in it. Here's our prognosis for 20 upcoming science fiction and fantasy movies. » 8/14/13 12:04pm 8/14/13 12:04pm