Hit Movies That Everybody Thinks Were Flops

The history of genre movies is littered with massive, lavish failures — movies that took hundreds of millions of dollars and tossed the money down a sinkhole. But some of the movies that everybody "knows" were box office disasters actually did really well, when you look at the numbers. » 1/05/12 9:00am 1/05/12 9:00am

Brilliant YouTube series mashes up classic scifi with cheesy 1950s…

YouTube user OneMinute Galactica takes your favorite science fiction scenes and characters and redubs them using stilted, dated, and backwards 1950s educational film dialogue. The Day The Earth Stood Still becomes a solemn warning about the dangers of homosexuals and Indiana Jones' stand-off at the Obi Wan nightclub… » 2/12/11 4:49pm 2/12/11 4:49pm

Don't Remake These 21 Movies, Film These Books Instead!

There's only one thing Hollywood loves than a movie based on a toy: remakes. Dozens of science-fiction classics are slated for do-overs. But instead of remaking films that were fine the first time, here are 20 books Hollywood should film. » 3/05/10 1:17pm 3/05/10 1:17pm

Major Hints For Iron Man 2, Dragonball, T4, And Clone Wars

Today's spoilers include an Iron Man 2 revelation. Plus Terminator 4, Dragonball and TDTESS clips. Shocking Heroes set pics! Sulu's role on Clone Wars! Plus spoilers for Fringe, Dollhouse, Sarah Connor, Smallville and more! » 12/11/08 6:00am 12/11/08 6:00am