The Ever-Changing Role of Doctor Who's Human Companions

Doctor Who has changed a lot over the years, including its format and its setting. But one of the biggest changes might be the nature of the show's companions, from protagonists to sidekicks... and back again. » 12/26/13 4:20pm 12/26/13 4:20pm

Why Peter Davison is Wrong About a Female Doctor

Time Lord #5 has recently given an interview saying the Doctor should never be a woman, which is a bit confusing. Prior to Peter Capaldi being named the 12th Doctor, there was a huge, raging, nasty debate about whether or not 12 should mark a change in the 50-year run of white dudes playing the time- and… » 11/03/13 5:30pm 11/03/13 5:30pm

Spend every night with the Doctor in this awesome TARDIS bed

Who doesn't want to spend every night between the sheets with the Doctor? Now you can, if you get the winning eBay bid on this astounding Doctor Who murphy bed (complete with a lights, sounds and a replica phone). » 12/01/10 10:57am 12/01/10 10:57am

The next season of Doctor Who will be split into two parts

At the Edinburgh International Television Festival, Steven Moffat revealed that the upcoming 13-episode season of Doctor Who would be split down the middle into 7-episode spring arc and a 6-episode autumn storyline. » 8/29/10 7:15am 8/29/10 7:15am

All the time-traveling from Doctor Who in one handy chart

The Guardian previously created a visualization of all the Doctor's nemeses, complete with their nefarious motivations. Now, David McCandless of Information is Beautiful has teamed up with the paper to create this crowd-sourced dataset detailing all the Doctor's time-traveling escapades. » 8/21/10 8:30am 8/21/10 8:30am

Television's Biggest Badass Of All Time, Day Six: River Vs. The Doctor

Who knew River Tam was such an all-purpose badass? She's crushed two cybernetic organisms, a legendary starship captain and the Slayer. Can she defeat a Time Lord, who's lived ten lives and saved the universe? Plus a couple bonus rounds. » 8/29/09 1:52pm 8/29/09 1:52pm

The New Doctor Who Look Is In

Still worried about the new youthful face of our beloved Time Lord? Well fret no more. Here are the first pictures of The Doctor fully regenerated, dressed up, and ready for your keen eye. » 7/20/09 8:22am 7/20/09 8:22am

30 Characters Who Survived Their Planet's Destruction

It's the ultimate loss - the destruction of your entire planet, and science fiction is full of characters who have had to live through this unimaginable tragedy. Warning! At least one truly massive spoiler ahead... » 5/16/09 10:00am 5/16/09 10:00am

The Comeback That Brings The Doctor To His Knees

A familiar face showed up during the filming of Doctor Who's special one-off episodes... and it was even more of a shock to that time-traveling shaman, the Doctor, than it'll be to you. Spoilers, yo! » 3/02/09 10:00am 3/02/09 10:00am

Don't Count The Tenth Doctor Out Just Yet

David Tennant could receive a record-breaking £1.3 million to stay on as the star of British time-travel action-soap Doctor Who. Not only that, but the BBC may offer him some other inducements, like plum roles in some of its other dramas. "Everybody assumes David is quitting, but that's not the case," a BBC source… » 6/26/08 1:01pm 6/26/08 1:01pm

New Doctor Who Star Could Be His Own Worst Enemy

Could the Master be the new Doctor? That's what one newspaper is claiming. John Simm, who danced rings around David Tennant as the psycho arch-villain, is the "hot favorite" to play the Doctor when Tennant leaves. But it's unclear how the show could get around the fact that we saw Simm's body being cremated:
» 11/12/07 8:23am 11/12/07 8:23am