We're already living in the world of Isaac Asimov's The End Of Eternity

If you have ever been a fan of science fiction, you cannot do better than to return to the works of Isaac Asimov, argues The Threepenny Review's Wendy Lesser in her review of Asimov's The End Of Eternity. » 8/31/10 2:30pm 8/31/10 2:30pm

Last King's Director Rewrites Time In Asimov's Eternity

We've known for months that plans were underway to make a movie out of Isaac Asimov's novel The End of Eternity, but it's taken until the announcement of the director for us to get excited. » 4/24/09 11:30am 4/24/09 11:30am

Asimov's Time Travel Epic Heads To Screen

It's the book that defeated Ridley Scott and Tom Cruise, but that isn't stopping another studio from trying to make a blockbuster out of Isaac Asimov's The End Of Eternity » 11/15/08 6:00am 11/15/08 6:00am. But is New Regency, the studio that brought us and and , really the studio to turn Asimov's time-travel tale into something we'd pay money to…