A new Roleplaying Game that puts you and your friends in the Apocalypse

Fantasy Flight Games have revealed a new tabletop RPG out before the end of the year set in a variety of apocalyptic scenarios - but the twist is that it stars you. » 9/11/14 11:00am 9/11/14 11:00am

The 10 Best Apocalypse Novels of Pre-Golden Age SF (1904-33)

With Wall-E director Andrew Stanton working on a film based on Edgar Rice Burroughs's 1917 novel A Princess of Mars, you need a crash course in books from this seminal era in science fiction. » 11/29/08 11:42am 11/29/08 11:42am

A Comet Smashes into the Earth in 1931

A French flick from 1931 called La Fin du Monde was a special effects blockbuster for its time, featuring a giant comet about to smash into the Earth, and amazing chases up and down the Eiffel Tower. So of course, an American film distributor got hold of it and decided to do the old "Raymond Burr Godzilla" hatchet job… » 3/25/08 12:53pm 3/25/08 12:53pm