Watch Sundance's completely insane collection of short films right now

This year Sundance has decided to bring their odd little short film collection straight to the masses. The film festival has created a YouTube channel that is hosting a collection of their participating short films online, and there is some seriously amazing stuff in the mix including one completely insane… »1/21/13 11:20am1/21/13 11:20am


Now that everybody's already copied The X-Files, is Chris Carter creating a copy of a copy?

It's hard to imagine what television would look like without The X-Files to borrow from. Tons and tons of television shows have lifted pieces of the classic show's format, about FBI agents and mysterious, sinister events. So it's kind of sad to see that Chris Carter is creating a new show that, at first blush, sounds… »10/07/12 11:30am10/07/12 11:30am

Few TV shows could get away with being as cornball as Warehouse 13

Last night's Warehouse 13 was short on the silly humor the show has made its wheelhouse lately — although there was a bit of fun with Pete was boxing — and instead long on the kind of sentimentality that would feel like ridiculous overkill on most TV shows. And yet, on Warehouse 13, it more or less works perfectly.… »9/18/12 9:53pm9/18/12 9:53pm

Lessons that 2011 Has Taught the Entertainment Industry

This year has been a wild ride for lovers of science fiction and fantasy. Some hugely expensive, massively hyped projects have failed, but also some new mega-hits have been born. Hollywood is struggling with sagging movie ticket sales and TV ratings, and book publishers are facing a rapidly changing world. It's a… »12/21/11 11:00am12/21/11 11:00am

The Moment When Terra Nova Started to Feel Uncomfortably Like The Event

The Event is dead, but its legacy lives on — in particular, NBC's conspiracy-wrapped-in-slackjawed-bemusement show may have ruined me for pointless riddles and mysteries forever. Ever since watching too many episodes of The Event, I've had a rule of thumb: Any time someone asks a straightforward question on… »10/18/11 8:30pm10/18/11 8:30pm

If Syfy picks up The Event as a miniseries, there truly is no justice in television

Rumors are leaking out that the producers of the The Event are in talks with Syfy to revive the canceled show as a miniseries. According to Deadline Hollywood, "the show's creator Nick Wauters and executive producer Steve Stark told fans that there was a possibility for the sci-fi drama to continue elsewhere."… »6/01/11 7:14pm6/01/11 7:14pm