BBC America commissions two new shows from the creators of The Fades

The Fades caught us off guard with its surprisingly fast-paced and unconventional apocalyptic storytelling, but there's no word on a second season yet. But there's other news, which might turn out to be even better: BBC America has commissioned the show's production company, Clerkenwell Films, to create two brand new… »2/28/12 7:42pm2/28/12 7:42pm


How creepy is tomorrow night's episode of The Fades? See for yourself.

Lots of teenagers dream of being told that they're special and they have a heroic destiny — but hearing it from a morbid old ghost who's blind and nearly deaf kind of puts a damper on things. In this exclusive clip from tomorrow night's episode of The Fades, Neil takes Paul to see an old fade with special… »1/20/12 9:30am1/20/12 9:30am

Meet the Woman Who's Calling the Shots for Doctor Who and The Fades

Caroline Skinner has become one of the most important people in British television science fiction and fantasy, almost overnight. She produced The Fades, the horror-fantasy series which took Britain by storm, and which hits BBC America this Saturday. And now she's the new executive producer of Doctor Who, replacing… »1/12/12 4:28pm1/12/12 4:28pm