Woman, Subject: The Fall Is The Feminist Crime Show We've Been Wanting

Call it the Netflix curse: An entire weekend spent with my eyes transfixed on the television, consuming episode after episode of The Fall, a show about a murderer, a detective and the crimes that draw them together. It's a bleak series—full of ugly, sad things that are only made more grim by the rainy Belfast… »1/22/15 3:42pm1/22/15 3:42pm


Why an Elevator Through the Center of the Earth Made Total Sense for Total Recall

If you've watched the TV spots and trailers for the new Total Recall movie, you've probably noticed a giant metal skyscraper-like elevator, that takes citizens from one side of the planet, to the other. Yes, this movie replaces Mars with an elevator through the center of the Earth, and it's a huge part of the movie. »8/02/12 4:03pm8/02/12 4:03pm

Charles Darwin Mourns for His Slain Monkey in "The Fall"

It's 1915, and an injured stuntman passes time in the hospital by telling steampunky superhero stories to a little girl with a broken arm. The heroes of his stories include Charles Darwin (in search of elusive butterfly), as well as an ex-slave and an explosives expert. As Tarsem Singh's new film The Fall weaves in… »5/16/08 10:00am5/16/08 10:00am

What The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Movie Could Have Been

The film version of Alan Moore's graphic novel The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is probably the worst movie adaptation of all time. It failed to capture the spirit of the graphic novel, didn't stay true to the characters, and devolved into just another vehicle for Sean Connery. But take heart. Check out this… »2/26/08 6:30pm2/26/08 6:30pm