8 superheroes whose powers became somewhat crappier

This Wednesday, Grant Morrison's first issue of Action Comics hits the stands. This series focuses on Superman's brash early days before his powers hit their peak. According to Morrison, this is "a Superman who can be hurt, who can be messed up, who can bleed." In other words, no amnesia-inducing kisses for this guy. » 9/05/11 2:40pm 9/05/11 2:40pm

10 new things Roger Corman's Fantastic Four taught us about Marvel's…

In 1994, Roger Corman produced a $2 million adaptation of The Fantastic Four that never hit theaters. This deranged lost film introduced novel twists to the Four's origin story...like an evil hobo jeweler. » 10/20/10 6:40pm 10/20/10 6:40pm

Which Superhero Should Be The New Santa?

Let's face it: Santa Claus just isn't cutting it anymore. In this era of movie superheroes, who wants to see an old fat guy with a beard coming down their chimney on Christmas Eve? Here're some suggestions for possible replacements. » 12/22/09 4:10pm 12/22/09 4:10pm

So What Happened To All Those Dark Knight Imitators?

It's been over a year since The Dark Knight made a billion dollars and revolutionized genre cinema. At the time, everyone said we'd be seeing a spate of Dark Knight-influenced "dark" superhero films. So are any of them still happening? » 9/03/09 12:30pm 9/03/09 12:30pm

I feel like there were other "dark" superhero movie ideas being tossed…

Dr. Doom's Stand Up Tape: "Take Sue Storm, Please!"

Let's give it up for stand-up comic Doctor Victor von Doom — it should be no surprise that all his jokes are about the Fantastic Four. Not all of his jokes are hits, but the guy's got moxie. NSFW language. » 7/10/09 7:00am 7/10/09 7:00am

Must Read: The Silver Surfer Omnibus

Must-read comics are futuristic classics that shouldn't be missed. Of course, not every must-read is perfect. That's why we've rated them 1-5 on the patented "crunchy goodness" scale.

Title: Silver Surfer Omnibus

Date: 2007 (reprinting material from 1968 - 1970)

Vitals: One of the stranger creations from Jack… » 10/24/07 2:08pm 10/24/07 2:08pm