The Gorgeous Matte Paintings that Made Lord of the Rings and Fifth Element Feel Real

You've seen the work of matte painter Wayne Haag in Lord of the Rings, Farscape and The Fifth Element, among many other works. His matte paintings have given a sense of depth and reality to the fantastical worlds in your favorite movies and television shows — and here, he gives us an inside look at just how these… »5/23/12 6:00pm5/23/12 6:00pm

Legendary French artist Moebius, the man who made The Abyss, Alien, and Tron even weirder, is dead at 73

Today is an incredibly sad day for fans of comic books, concept art, and downright anything science fiction. Artist Jean "Moebius" Giraud, who provided some of the most stunning scifi and fantasy art ever to grace a page, has succumbed to illness at the age of 73. »3/10/12 10:35am3/10/12 10:35am

Another scene from . . …

Serial Killings Lead To A Surreal Luc Besson Nightmare

Director Luc Besson ( The Fifth Element »8/20/08 3:40pm8/20/08 3:40pm) is making another science fiction thriller, starring Korean mega-star Dong Kun-Jang (). The as-yet-untitled action movie is based on a novel by a South Korean professor about a serial killer in New York, whose actions spark a series of unforeseen consequences. Milla Jovovich and…

The Slowest, Stretchiest Countdowns In Science Fiction History

When life and death for everyone hangs on a ten-second countdown, those ten seconds can feel endless because of your adrenaline rush and your super-focused attention. Or maybe those seconds actually are endless. (Like this awesome moment from Time Chasers via MST3K — thanks t3knomanser!) Science fiction TV shows (and… »4/24/08 1:47pm4/24/08 1:47pm

Now You're Cooking With Tachyons: The Best Scifi Kitchen Gadgets

According to 1950s newsreels, the wonders of our age are supposed to include a dream kitchen that uses ultrasonic waves to clean our plates, automatically cooks our food for us and does all the shopping. But so far, all the best kitchen toys are still in science fiction. Check out our roundup of gadgets from the… »2/13/08 3:55pm2/13/08 3:55pm