What And When Will We See In Captain America?

Sure, we keep hearing about Marvel's big Thor movie (Slated for 2011), but why is no-one talking about Captain America? What will the movie's plot end up being... and what could it tell us about the Avengers movie? » 12/29/09 6:30am 12/29/09 6:30am

Is This Your New Captain America?

Readers of comic site Newsarama.com have spoken: Fringe » 11/22/08 12:30pm 11/22/08 12:30pm's Mark Valley should play the title role in Marvel's 2011 movie. The site polled readers about who should take on the shield and winged hood, and three front-runners quickly appeared: Valley, 's Nathan Fillion, and 's Aaron Eckhart. One quick poll later, and…