On The Flash, Barry’s Worst Enemy Is Himself, But Also a Giant Telepathic Gorilla

“YO. GRODD.” yelled Joe West breathlessly, after he ran into STAR Lans to let Barry Allen and out other heroes know that the giant evil telepathic gorilla that menaced them last season had returned. It was all he needed to say. Really, it’s all I need to say for this recap: Yo. Grodd. »11/18/15 11:00am11/18/15 11:00am

Harrison Wells Is Back and The Flash Is Damn Near Perfect Again

Yes, Tom Cavanaugh has returned to The Flash, as the Harrison Wells of Earth-2 joins the SuperSTARS in fighting Zoom. Guess what, though? People are having a hard time trusting someone ho looks exactly like the evil mastermind who murdered their loved ones (or in some cases, themselves). It also doesn’t help that the… »11/04/15 12:00pm11/04/15 12:00pm

The Flash Was Basically a Cheesy Prequel to Legends of Tomorrow Until It Blew My Damn Mind

“The Fury of the Firestorm” was the cheesiest episode of The Flash to date, but even if it was so-so, it answered one of the biggest mysteries regarding the CW DC universe’ third show, Legends of Tomorrow. Much more importantly, it included the greatest final Flash scene since the debut of Grodd. »10/28/15 12:00pm10/28/15 12:00pm

An Inside Look at How VFX Artists Created A "Digital Double" For The Flash

“We really are trying to make it as much like a live comic book as possible,” The Flash executive producer Gabrielle Stanton explains—and this video delves into the technical aspects that ambitious goal demands. Including the seamless mixing of CG and live-action in fights and cityscapes, and in scenes with characters… »9/25/15 8:00pm9/25/15 8:00pm

The Flash TV Series Just Cast Zoom, So Now I'm Completely Confused 

Actor Tony Todd has been cast as the Flash’s archenemy Zoom in the second season of the CW’s hit TV series. Now, if you’re thinking to yourself, “Hey, I thought the Reverse-Flash was the Flash’s archenemy,” well, you’re right. Because Zoom is the Reverse-Flash. Who was played in season one by Tom Cavanaugh. Who is… »8/31/15 5:31pm8/31/15 5:31pm

8 Minutes of Flash Bloopers Brings New Meaning to the Term "Flashdance"

Normally, most blooper reels enter the world in small snippets. But here are eight delightful minutes of the cast of The Flash screwing up countlessscenes from their otherwise excellent first season. There’s Barry Allen dancing! Caitlin Snow screaming profanity! The evil Eobard Thawne farting almost constantly! »7/28/15 4:20pm7/28/15 4:20pm

VFX Reel Shows How The Flash Put a Giant Evil Gorilla on Television

We’ve told you before how great the Gorilla Grodd episode of The Flash TV show was, and the TV Academy agrees—it gave the episode a well-deserved nomination for an Outstanding Special Visual Effects Emmy. We have the exclusive VFX breakdown of how the show created the battle between speedster and an evil telepathic… »7/22/15 4:20pm7/22/15 4:20pm

A History of DC Crossovers: The Silver Age

So last time, we examined the crossovers in the Golden Age between National Comics and All-American Comics before they were merged to create, essentially, DC Comics. (They wouldn’t officially call themselves “DC Comics” until 1977. Before that, they would brand their comics as “A Superman DC Production” or simply “A… »5/27/15 6:00pm5/27/15 6:00pm

"Who Created Caitlin Snow?" DC Entertainment and Creator Equity

Gerry Conway, writer of tons of comic books and co-creator of tons of comic book characters (including Firestorm), wrote a great post on his Tumblr about DC Entertainment’s “creator equity participation,” which paid the creators of characters whenever their characters were used on other media. »4/30/15 3:00am4/30/15 3:00am