Force Unleashed: Giving Us Something New To Talk, Yell and Scream About

On September 17, at 4 AM I got this text: "It just took me a friggin hour to bring down the star destroyer, but oh man was it ever sweet." Indeed. That would be my buddy Jake, and I too would know the joy that is mind-crashing a star destroyer to the ground, but not until many days later. Unlike my friends that can… »9/27/08 8:00pm

First Pics Of Harvey Keitel In Life On Mars, Plus What The Spirit's Really About

Some new photos this morning aren't just spoilery, they're also sort of giddy-making. There's our first look at the new supporting cast of the American Life On Mars »8/21/08 9:00am, who look a lot like the British version, plus sexy cast photos from and Joss Whedon's . Not only that, but we have a scary new plot synopsis of Frank…

Flight Attendants and Jedi Apprentices Blow Your Mind In This Week's Comics

It's a relatively light week at comic stores this week, but that's to everyone's benefit, as what is »8/19/08 12:00pm coming out may just blow your mind so much that you wouldn't be able to read anything else anyway. New (non-) , new futuristic superheroes, the return of Spider-Man's favorite alien and something to deal with your…