The FP is the world's first dystopian DDR gang war movie

On paper, the Trost Brothers' dystopian comedy The FP has all the trappings of an instant cult classic: a loving sendup of '70s and '80s movies complete with absurdly costumed gang warriors, heaps of self-aware slang, training montages, and low-stakes battles treated as life-or-death situations. As an added bonus,… » 3/16/12 9:00am 3/16/12 9:00am

How to Create Amazing Post-Apocalyptic Outfits on a Shoestring Budget

The FP, opening next week, has a ton of post-apocalyptic, Dance Dance Revolution-inspired craziness going for it — but most of all, it's got the mad costumes. Which were created for literally no money, by ultra-talented costume designer Sarah Trost. Want to fashion your own demented post-apocalyptic dancewear? Trost… » 3/09/12 8:05am 3/09/12 8:05am

Watch 12 completely absurd minutes of The FP, the dystopian Dance Dance Revolution movie

Remember The FP, that upcoming flick wherein two rival gangs from a crumbling shithole civilization do battle with an ersatz Dance Dance Revolution? Well, here are the opening 12 minutes — behold a magnificently stupid premise set 100% stone-faced in a bleak footloose future. » 3/02/12 10:25am 3/02/12 10:25am