A Futuristic Rave, In Gerard Butler's Gamer

This is a picture from the movie Gamer. No, seriously, this be-sparkled swimsuit is an actual outfit from the gritty action thriller. Apparently in the future, our male prisoners' bodies are puppeted by the wealthy for live-action video games and the women are all on E. Full raving gallery below. » 6/01/09 8:00am 6/01/09 8:00am

The Game's Trickery Meets Disturbia's Setting In Seminar

Got a sassy teen? Now you can punish their heathen ways by hiring an evil consulting firm to mess with their reality their life and their sanity. CBS Films have purchased Richard D'Ovidio's spec screenplay The Seminar based on the ideas that you can pay someone else to mess up your kids mentally. With a theme of… » 7/02/08 1:40pm 7/02/08 1:40pm