In which our critic wishes for more of last summer's supernatural series The Gates

I'm not much of an outdoor kid, so when it comes to summer, the things I look forward to most are the big, dumb movies and the trashtastic TV shows. Some of these guilty pleasures are better than others, but come fall, most seem like bizarre heatstroke-induced dreams. ABC's The Gates was one of those "Did this… »6/17/11 5:30pm6/17/11 5:30pm


We WILL see Breaking Dawn's birth scene. Plus crazy Superman rumors, Green Hornet action and Fringe set pics!

Buckle in for spoilers! Find out what we won't see in Breaking Dawn's birth scene. See gorgeous Tron/Red posters. Marvel at crazy Superman rumors. Witness thrilling Fringe/Transformers set pics. Plus Green Hornet, Scott Pilgrim, Mission Impossible, Supernatural, Chuck and Smallville! »7/14/10 9:00am7/14/10 9:00am