New Cover and Synopsis for Nick Harkaway's Second Novel — Including Mad…

Nick Harkaway's first novel, The Gone Away World, was a silly surreal revelation, so we've been anxiously awaiting the follow-up, Angelmaker. And now it looks like we might not have to wait much longer — Knopf says it's out March 2012 in the U.S. And here's the cover. » 8/30/11 8:30am 8/30/11 8:30am

20 Great "All Seems Lost" Moments From Science Fiction/Fantasy!

We don't find out what our science fiction/fantasy heroes are made of, until everything seems hopeless and their backs are against the wall. The greatest SF stories also contain the greatest "all seems lost" moments, and here are our favorites. » 4/27/10 6:00pm 4/27/10 6:00pm

Novels That Put The Fun Back Into The Post-Apocalypse

A new literary sub-genre is being born today, while you nap at your desk. It features larger-than-life, and often comical, characters having bizarro adventures after the end of the world. » 12/10/08 2:51pm 12/10/08 2:51pm

A Post-Apocalyptic Comedy Features Ninjas Fighting Mimes

Nick Harkaway's first novel, The Gone Away World, proves that you can only talk about the really important things in the world by resorting to science fiction. At the heart of this silly, horrifying romp is a brilliant science fictional conceit for talking about the senselessness of war: a super-weapon that isn't just… » 12/01/08 3:23pm 12/01/08 3:23pm

Should Ninjas Mingle with Mermaids on the Battlefield?

If you like gooey, surreal prose about a future world destroyed by a semi-satirical war, then you'll be leaping out of your knickers with glee at the U.S. release this month of Nick Harkaway's The Gone-Away World » 9/16/08 8:00am 9/16/08 8:00am. The novel is a weird swashbuckler about truckers in a post-apocalyptic world putting out a fire and…