Superheroes' New Optimism Didn't Last Long

Before either Marvel's The Heroic Age and DC's Brightest Day have even launched, both companies are publicly announcing that their future isn't that bright after all. Whatever happened to the new age of optimism? » 2/12/10 9:00am 2/12/10 9:00am

Why DC's Brightest Day Could Be The Comic Story Of The Year

DC's hyper-successful Blackest Night series will, we know now, be followed by a year-long series/event called Brightest Day. But is this really DC's answer to Marvel's "Heroic Age" era of optimism, or should we expect something more ambitious? » 1/25/10 2:00pm 1/25/10 2:00pm

Will 2010 Be The Year Of Superheroic Niceness?

With Marvel Comics promising a new Heroic Age, and DC teasing a post-Blackest Night universe less full of death, will 2010 be the year that superheroes learn to smile again? And, if so, is that a good thing? » 1/02/10 12:00pm 1/02/10 12:00pm

2010's Earliest Big News Story: Marvel Now Officially Belongs To Disney

Surprising no-one, Marvel shareholders approved the sale of the company to Disney on Wednesday. Welcome to the official beginning of the Disney/Marvel era. » 1/01/10 10:00am 1/01/10 10:00am