Texas Boy Suspended For 'Threatening' Classmate With The One Ring

A fourth grader named Aiden Steward was suspended Friday, after school officials determined he had threatened to use his magic ring to make another boy disappear. » 2/01/15 1:00pm 2/01/15 1:00pm

It's Hard To Believe These Aren't Photographs, But Digital Paintings

The above trio of pop culture heroes aren't publicity stills from their respective franchises - they're actually incredibly skillful portraits by an artist known as Euclase. I, err... bu-wah? » 1/23/15 11:00am 1/23/15 11:00am

Beautiful Map To Middle-Earth Discoverd On Starbucks Cup

Someone sketched out the map of Middle-Earth onto a Starbucks cup and it's just a nice thing. Look at this adorable little map thing someone with great talent drew. Isn't that nice? » 1/23/15 8:40am 1/23/15 8:40am

Even As Just A Head, This Lego Smaug Is Spectacular

Now this is creative - Flickr User and Lego fan Finn Tegotash made this brilliant recreation of Bilbo's confrontation with Smaug in The Desolation Of Smaug, building Smaug's lego-y face out of a cavalcade of brown pieces - including scales created built out of little lego chair pieces. » 1/21/15 1:00pm 1/21/15 1:00pm

The First Hobbit Fan-Edit Cuts The Trilogy In Half

Well, this was inevitable. A Tolkien fan — less enthused by Peter Jackson's expansive, three-movie adaptation of The Hobbit than others — has created his own edit of the trilogy, trimming the 9+ hour-long saga into a much trimmer four hours and 21 minutes. Check it out! » 1/20/15 6:51am 1/20/15 6:51am

Take A Stroll Through Hobbiton In This Beautiful Gallery

Whenever the lush hills of the Shire come into view in The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit movies, it's almost impossible not to be filled with a desire to be whisked away to the peaceful land of Hobbits. Turns out you can go - and as these photos show, it looks as good in the flesh as it does on film. » 1/10/15 5:00pm 1/10/15 5:00pm

The Third Hobbit Movie Takes Two Minutes To Film One Page Of The Book

We have all been made aware of how incredibly long Peter Jackson's three Hobbit movies are, especially as compared to J.R.R. Tolkien's original book. But 538's Walt Hickey actually broke down the ratio of film to page, and discovered an amazing fact: there are two minutes of TBotFA for every book page it covers. » 1/06/15 12:53pm 1/06/15 12:53pm

The Ultimate Breakdown Of The Hobbit's Battle Of The Five Armies

You know that the third movie in The Hobbit trilogy is subtitled The Battle of the Five Armies, but how much do you really know about the titular battle? This infographic from Shirts.com not only explains the strength and armaments of the various combatants, but reveals each armies' tactics, step-by-step. » 1/05/15 10:40am 1/05/15 10:40am

How To Forge Bilbo's Sword Sting Into A Glowing Wi-Fi Detector

The tech heads at Spark might not have the blacksmithing skills of the elves of Gondolin, but they're still capable of their own Middle Earth-inspired wizardry. On their blog, they've published a step-by-step guide to transforming a toy Hobbit sword into a blade that glows when unsecured networks are near. » 12/30/14 12:40pm 12/30/14 12:40pm

​10 Dragons Who Are Enormous Assholes

Sometimes dragons are the majestic lords of the sky, noble creatures who are wise and powerful. Sometimes they're evil incarnate, greedy enemies of humanity. And sometimes, they're just jerks. Here are 10 wyrms that give the entire species a bad name. » 12/30/14 10:07am 12/30/14 10:07am

This Excellent Smaug Cosplay Is Benedict Cumberbatch Approved

Earlier this year, Redditor Kialna crafted herself an amazing Humanoid Smaug costume for AnimeCon 2014 - but then went one step beyond that and wore said amazing cosplay to the London première of The Battle Of The Five Armies, where it drew the attention of Smaug The Terrible himself. » 12/29/14 5:00pm 12/29/14 5:00pm

How Do Jackson's Lord of the Rings Characters Compare To Tolkien's?

When it comes to personality traits, how does J.R.R. Tolkien's Gandalf compare to Peter Jackson's movie version? An IBM researcher used the company's artificially intelligent Watson computer system to crunch the data and find out. » 12/26/14 12:00pm 12/26/14 12:00pm

Everything They Said About Making Three Hobbit Movies Was True

Remember when Peter Jackson announced he was splitting J.R.R. Tolkien's slim volume The Hobbit into three movies? Even with Jackson's OCD attention to detail, that seemed too much — and the entire internet worried that it would be all bloat and no heart. Well, the internet was right, at least about the third movie. » 12/17/14 8:00am 12/17/14 8:00am

Mondo Celebrates The Last Hobbit Movie With Wonderful Posters

It's nearly time to say goodbye to Peter Jackson's take on Middle-Earth - but at least we get to celebrate with some delightful new posters from Mondo, available tomorrow! » 12/15/14 5:00pm 12/15/14 5:00pm

Why Are Tolkien's Elves So Damn Welsh?

The BBC has a fascinating, exhaustive report on why the Elves of Middle-Earth sound as if they might have come from Wales. Given that Tolkien was one of the most English English professors who ever lived, the answer is not quite as random as you might think. Cellar doors are involved. » 12/12/14 6:25am 12/12/14 6:25am

Sauron's Plans To Gaze Over Moscow Fall Foul Of The Orthodox Church

Good news/Bad news, everyone - Sauron's eye will not descend upon Moscow City. Plans to install a giant light-up version of the Dark Lord of Mordor's burning eyeball have been scuppered, thanks to complaints from the Russian Orthodox Church. » 12/11/14 1:00pm 12/11/14 1:00pm

Watch An Epic Trailer For The Hobbit Movie That Could Have Been

L.A.-based editor Joel Walden wanted to know what a trailer for The Hobbit might have looked like, had Peter Jackson's trilogy been released as a single film. The result, which Walden calls "The Hobbit: The Complete Journey," is pretty excellent. » 12/07/14 3:05pm 12/07/14 3:05pm