This awesome Hobbit concept art is an expressticket to Middle-Earth

Behold the majesty of Middle-Earth! Discover Radagast's home! Sneak a glance at the face of the Wargs! Artists John Howe and Alan Lee have shared their unique look at the world of The Hobbit with this collection of select panels of gorgeous concept art in the new issue of ImagineFX, and here's a sneak peek at what… »12/21/12 11:00am12/21/12 11:00am

Is there any scrap of New Zealand left not plastered with Hobbit advertising?

This week New Zealand, will host the premiere of Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Which means the tornado of marketing insanity has been set loose on the Shire leaving absolutely no Kiwi un-swaddled by an Elven cloak. Here's what it looks like when Warner Bros. buys an entire town. »11/26/12 5:18pm11/26/12 5:18pm