Concept art for the Hulk-vs.-Insect-Men movie that never was and Billy Crudup as the green guy

Artist Benton Jew has worked on not one but three Hulk movie projects: Ang Lee's Hulk, Louis Leterrier's The Incredible Hulk, and a never-made film that with a script by Jonathan Hensleigh. Jew has shared artwork he created for those projects, including a mockup of Billy Crudup as Ang Lee's hulk. »4/07/13 6:00pm4/07/13 6:00pm

Minimalist superhero posters bisect Batgirl and Spider-Man into their alter egos

Designer Danny Haas has created a series of weathered posters that split famed superheroes' personalities straight down the middle. For characters such as Jean Grey and Susan Richards, the divide is less obvious but no less charming. Here's hoping he makes a Multiple Man diagram that's shaped like a pie chart. You can… »2/03/12 5:45pm2/03/12 5:45pm

In a South Korean mall, you can see The Incredible Hulk using the bathroom

Apparently there's a mall in Seoul where shoppers can ponder the biomechanics of The Incredible Hulk relieving himself, an act that requires a seismologist, an eight-person hazmat squad, and a charm of soothing from Dr. Strange. Add this to the list of unsanctioned superhero public art around the globe. »2/03/12 9:40am2/03/12 9:40am

Avengers fine art covers present The Hulk à la Michelangelo and Al Hirschfeld

Marvel's gearing up for the release of The Avengers with some curious promotions, but here's one that's pretty magnificent. Come April, Marvel will give select comics variant covers depicting Earth's Mightiest Heroes as illustrated by the likes of Rembrandt, Michelangelo, and Monet. Here's what they've unveiled so… »1/24/12 1:20pm1/24/12 1:20pm

In Ecuador, insane giant sculptures of The Hulk and Hellboy invade on New Year's Eve

For New Year's Eve in Ecuador, massive paper-and-wood figures known as "años viejos" (Spanish for "old years") are burnt to usher out the past 365 days. These elaborate sculptures depict everyone from Chucky the evil doll to Cable from the X-Men, who are all summarily incinerated as the clock runs down. »12/28/11 11:50pm12/28/11 11:50pm

The Avengers international trailer shows off new scenes from Whedon's big picture

The only thing we want to see more of from Joss Whedon's Avengers flick isn't action or monsters or even plot details — we just want to watch this fractured family bicker. This new international trailer shows off some more banter, a few action shots of Captain in his upgraded suit, and the Black Widow and Hulk scene… »12/19/11 10:50am12/19/11 10:50am

Pooping Vampires And Giant Robots: A Chat With Guillermo Del Toro

In December, Dark Horse Comics will release the comic book adaptation of Chuck Hogan and Guillermo del Toro's vampire outbreak novel series The Strain. io9 recently spoke with del Toro about this hemoglobin-obsessed miniseries, and the prolific director also tantalized us with details of his upcoming screen projects,… »11/29/11 10:05am11/29/11 10:05am