Major Casting News For Iron Man 2 And Green Lantern! Plus Sensual Dr.…

Today's spoilers include a huge Green Lantern casting call and one character who won't be in Iron Man 2. There are more lush Doctor Parnassus images. Find out whom Summer Glau's playing with on Dollhouse. Plus Fringe, FlashForward and Supernatural! » 9/17/09 6:00am 9/17/09 6:00am

Can You Identify Photos Of Iron Man 2's Mysterious Facility?

Today's spoiler include Spider-Man 4 villain speculation and a huge facility being built for Iron Man 2. There are more rumors about a certain Doctor Who guest star, and more Sarah Jane Adventures details. Plus Last Airbender, Scott Pilgrim, Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus, Cowboys & Aliens, and Sanctuary spoilers. » 5/27/09 6:00am 5/27/09 6:00am