Dollhouse Finale Pics, Sexy Doctor Who Image, Weird Caprica Clip, And Book Of Eli's Samurai Action

Dollhouse finale pics reveal who's standing after the apocalypse, and a Book Of Eli featurette showcases Denzel's swordplay. A new Caprica clip shows Cylon body-image issues. Pics from Doctor Who, True Blood, Percy Jackson and Smallville. Plus Lost and Imaginarium. » 1/06/10 6:00am 1/06/10 6:00am

Inception Script Review: Real Or Headfake? Plus Awesome Surrogates Footage!

Refresh yourself with spoilers! A script review of Nolan's Inception is shocking and possibly accurate. There's thrilling Surrogates footage, and a revealing FlashForward clip. Smallville gets zanier. Plus: Batman 3, Jennifer's Body, Supernatural, Fringe, Warehouse and Heroes spoilers. » 9/10/09 6:00am 9/10/09 6:00am

Can You Identify Photos Of Iron Man 2's Mysterious Facility?

Today's spoiler include Spider-Man 4 villain speculation and a huge facility being built for Iron Man 2. There are more rumors about a certain Doctor Who guest star, and more Sarah Jane Adventures details. Plus Last Airbender, Scott Pilgrim, Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus, Cowboys & Aliens, and Sanctuary spoilers. » 5/27/09 6:00am 5/27/09 6:00am