Drugs that Give People Awesome Superpowers

Where would we be without drugs? Half the great musical performances of the 20th century wouldn't exist. There would be no Mork and Mindy. Walter Bishop would have nothing to inspire his research. » 2/15/12 4:08pm 2/15/12 4:08pm

Tons of Man of Steel Spoilers and Set Pics. Plus new hints for Captain…

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Video proof that Mark Sheppard is science fiction's ultimate badass

With his recent appearance on Doctor Who, Mark Sheppard cemented his place as science fiction's greatest character actor. But we've been loving Sheppard for years...and we assembled this video of every last one of his scifi roles to prove his awesomeness. » 4/28/11 1:37pm 4/28/11 1:37pm

Jason Stackhouse's pulls on the pleather for his superhero film Griff

Jason Stackhouse is a pivotal part of the True Blood team, thanks to Ryan Kwanten's two greatest assets: his abs and his acting. But can he pull off the role of social outcast/superhero in his latest flick Griff the Invisible? » 11/22/10 9:30am 11/22/10 9:30am

20 mad scientists who turned against their creations

The greatest mad scientists dabble in forces that... wait for it... man (or woman) was not meant to meddle with. And many of them live to regret it. Here are 20 mad scientists whose journeys ended in remorse and despair. » 9/24/10 3:42pm 9/24/10 3:42pm

Dark Knight Scribe Turns Invisible Man Steampunk

David Goyer, the co-writer of The Dark Knight » 8/12/08 6:30am 8/12/08 6:30am that everyone always seems to forget about, is a busy man. Fresh from directing upcoming horror movie , he's about to launch into an io9-centric two-fer, writing the scripts for and a new version of which takes the familiar story in a much more contemporary-retro…