Please Don't Reboot 'The Last Starfighter', Give Us 'The NEXT Starfighter'

If our fellows at io9 are to be believed, there's plenty of interest in rebooting The Last Starfighter, a classic scifi picture by all rights. Even the mighty Steven Spielberg can't convince Jonathan R. Betuel (writer and apparent rights-holder) to let him at it. Here's why it'd be a far, far better idea to make a … »11/25/14 1:26pm11/25/14 1:26pm

The Only Scene In "Last Starfighter" That Shows Starfighting

Thank the star-gods that CGI effects have improved since 1984's The Last Starfighter. Just check out this climactic scene, where our trailer-park video-game champ finally uses his skillz in the space battle you've waited the whole movie for. It looks like an unfinished version of modern CGI effects. Starfighter also… »1/15/08 2:30pm1/15/08 2:30pm