The Leftovers' Characters Are All Too Enigmatic For Us To Care About

If the second episode of post-Rapturish drama The Leftovers proved anything, it's that things happen on this show because they happen—with little other explanation. When it comes to the show's more mystical elements, that's all well and good, but when it comes to the characters, it's a huge, glaring problem. » 7/07/14 10:46am 7/07/14 10:46am

The Leftovers Shows The Sadness Of Day-To-Day Life After The Rapture

We cannot wait for HBO's moody new drama The Leftovers. It's based on the book penned by Election scribe Tom Perrotta, who has thankfully stayed on to produce this series with Damon Lindelof. The premise is simple: The Rapture happens and the audience picks up with those who were left behind. » 6/09/14 9:40am 6/09/14 9:40am

Could Vin Diesel be starring in a Marvel movie?

The Wolverine has a new banner, Edgar Wright shoots down an Ant-Man rumor, and something is going on with Vin Diesel and Marvel. Plus find out what would happen in This Is The End 2. Is a Knight Rider film really happening? And one contender to play the Twelfth Doctor explains how he'd play the role. Spoilers ahead! » 6/27/13 6:00am 6/27/13 6:00am

The Doctor Strange Rumors Get Bigger and Crazier!

Ender’s Game wants you to join the International Fleet. Jamie Foxx wants Electro to have kind of an odd catch phrase. S.H.I.E.LD. might be getting a new home in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Some Independence Day stars could return. Brian K. Vaughan explains how Under the Dome could last for years. Spoilers… » 6/26/13 6:00am 6/26/13 6:00am