There's a Demonic New Theory About What Caused the Mass Disappearance on The Leftovers 

“Lens” turns its focus on The Leftovers’ mothers, chiefly Nora and Erika, who find they have things in common other than the children they’ve lost. But just because they understand each other doesn’t mean they’re going to become best friends. Oh yeah, and one of them might be a demon? »11/09/15 1:20pm11/09/15 1:20pm


The Leftovers' Characters Are All Too Enigmatic For Us To Care About

If the second episode of post-Rapturish drama The Leftovers proved anything, it's that things happen on this show because they happen—with little other explanation. When it comes to the show's more mystical elements, that's all well and good, but when it comes to the characters, it's a huge, glaring problem. »7/07/14 1:46pm7/07/14 1:46pm