The 36 Greatest Supervillain Musical Numbers of All Time

There is nothing better than a musical segment, that lets a villain can stop and lay out his evil plans for the rest of the audience, set to music. A supervillain who can sing has more panache than regular mundane villains. To celebrate the best of the serenading evildoers, we've gathered our favorite villainous… » 1/24/13 10:59am 1/24/13 10:59am

What if The Little Mermaid was a horror movie?

What if the The Little Mermaid wasn't a fired-up ginger hellbent on finding interspecies love on land? What if she was a Coney Island Freak Show attraction with the taste for blood? Then she would be a lot more like director Nicholas Humphries' simple horror short The Little Mermaid. As a rule, we like anything with… » 12/06/12 9:55am 12/06/12 9:55am

Behold the dark beauty of Russia's 1968 Little Mermaid cartoon

Disney's The Little Mermaid may be the best-known animated film based on Hans Christian Andersen's short story, but it was by no means the first. This Russian film, directed by Ivan Aksenchuk in 1968, uses a variety of animation styles to capture the sad tone of the tragic fairy tale, from the horrors of the… » 4/08/12 3:30pm 4/08/12 3:30pm

A ton of Disney Princesses, drawn in the "comic book style"

Some of you may remember Danger Girl artist J. Scott Campbell's first round of fairy tale princesses, which depicted Cinderella and Snow White as heroines who were allergic to every textile invented. For his new 2012 Fairy Tale Fantasies calendar, Scott Campbell— whose style can only be described as "uranium-enriched… » 1/11/12 3:35pm 1/11/12 3:35pm