Best and Worst Science Fiction/Fantasy Movies of 2010

This year's best movies played with genres in ways that changed their audiences' perceptions. Video-game movies, action movies, heist movies and superhero movies — they all had dazzling reinventions. Here are the 10 best and worst SF/fantasy movies of 2010. » 12/27/10 4:09pm 12/27/10 4:09pm

Science fiction and fantasy stories that can help you deal with death

Clint Eastwood's Hereafter and this week's Doctor Who crossover both served up poignant meditations on death. But fantastic stories often explore the darkest frontier of them all: Here are 12 other great stories to help you to cope with mortality. » 10/27/10 10:52am 10/27/10 10:52am

How The Twilight Crowd Saved Lovely Bones, And Can Save Hollywood

After taking plenty of hits from critics and facing a dismal soft opening, Lovely Bones ramped up its ticket sales by playing to a new crowd: tween and teen girls. Will this spark an insurgence of thoughtful supernatural women-targeted films? » 1/19/10 11:00am 1/19/10 11:00am

The Horror Of Pedophilia Overwhelms The Lovely Bones

Peter Jackson is one of the masters of horror - but nothing in Dead/Alive is one-tenth as horrifying as the pedophile serial killer in The Lovely Bones. And that horror overwhelms Jackson's flimsy attempts to surround it with fantasy. Spoilers... » 1/15/10 3:00pm 1/15/10 3:00pm

The Lovely Bones' Saoirse Ronan Talks About Crime and The Afterlife

Saoirse Ronan plays poor Susie Salmon, who's marked for bloody death in Peter Jackson's film adaptation of The Lovely Bones. We talked to her about pairing the movie's devastatingly frightening scenes with Jackson's imaginative effects. » 1/15/10 7:40am 1/15/10 7:40am

The 20 SF Movies We're Most Excited To See In 2010

Are you prepared for cinematic awesomeness? This year sees a number of movies we're eager to watch, from Christopher Nolan's acid trip to new Iron Man, Predator and Tron films. Here are 20 reasons not to give up on movies. » 1/06/10 2:26pm 1/06/10 2:26pm

Is Peter Jackson Secretly Preparing To Film Philip Reeve's Traction…

Rumor has it Peter Jackson's not content with filming Lovely Bones, Lord Of The Rings and Tintin. He's also secretly working on a movie of Philip Reeve's Mortal Engines, about cities that become mobile and try to eat each other. » 12/21/09 1:12pm 12/21/09 1:12pm

The Lovely Bones: Hitchcock Meets Dali In Purgatory

The man who managed to film Lord Of The Rings has chosen to adapt introspective afterlife novel The Lovely Bones, and once again he's taken some liberties. But the result is a surprisingly seamless fusion of Hitchcock and Salvador Dali. » 12/08/09 11:20am 12/08/09 11:20am

Tons Of Revealing Pics Of The Tenth And Eleventh Doctors. Plus Meet…

An Avatar clip shows how to wear sunglasses while riding a dragon. A Kick Ass poster showcases the Red Mist. Get your first glimpse of Doctor Who's next aliens and historical setting. Plus Caprica casting and Mad Max/Lovely Bones hints. » 12/07/09 6:00am 12/07/09 6:00am

Susan Sarandon's Alcohol-Soaked Lovely Bones Grandmother Makes Her Debut

The best character from Peter Jackson's "purgatory is pretty" film Lovely Bones is by far Susan Sarandon's nicotine powered, boozed up 1970s grandma. And now a new clip showcases Sarandon in action. » 12/01/09 8:00am 12/01/09 8:00am

Richard Alpert's Darkest Secrets And Timothy Dalton's Doctor Who Role —…

What roles do Timothy Dalton and CCH Pounder play in Doctor Who and Avatar, respectively? It's a spoiler! What will Lost reveal about the ageless Richard Alpert? Plus TV spots from Daybreakers and Lovely Bones. Plus Wolfman and True Blood! » 11/30/09 6:00am 11/30/09 6:00am

See Iron Man's Unearthly Glow, Doctor Who's Latest Clue, Chuck's New…

Fans may have guessed which role Kat Dennings plays in Thor, and Cameron talks Avatar. Meanwhile there's an iconic new Iron Man image. Plus, clips from The Lovely Bones and Chuck, an image from Tennant's last hurrah, and Zombieland news. » 11/25/09 6:00am 11/25/09 6:00am

Lovely Bones Audiences Demand More Pain and Suffering

Peter Jackson ended up reshooting footage for The Lovely Bones after a scene fell flat with test audiences. Their main complaint? That the story of a murdered girl in Heaven contained a scene that simply wasn't violent enough. Spoilers inside. » 11/17/09 3:39pm 11/17/09 3:39pm

Massive Thor Plot Details, Plus More From the Doctor Who Set, And…

Major Thor subplots revealed! Plus more Doctor Who set pics, including a clip from filming. Discover one Lost character's secret importance, and a few more details on Avatar. Plus: New Moon, The Lovely Bones, Fringe, Smallville, and Supernatural. » 10/09/09 6:00am 10/09/09 6:00am

Action Shots From Zombieland Supernatural And Wolfman, Glamour Shots Of…

Dakota Fanning goes goth for New Moon, while Del Toro grits his fangs as the Wolfman. Chuck gets a superheroic new cast member, and Paris Hilton tweets her Supernatural experience. Plus, Zombieland, Lost, Flashforward, True Blood, and Sherlock Holmes spoilers. » 8/28/09 6:00am 8/28/09 6:00am

Doctor Who's New TARDIS Revealed!

A new Doctor means a new TARDIS, and we've got all the rumored design details. Better Off Ted features genetic matchmaking, and Zombieland offers more survival rules. Plus Iron Man 2, Gamer, Astro Boy, Hobbit, Smallville, and Supernatural spoilers. » 8/26/09 6:00am 8/26/09 6:00am

Peter Jackson Explains How To Make Murder Beautiful

Lovely Bones director Peter Jackson takes us behind the scenes of his new movie, about the ghost of a murdered young girl caught between desiring vengeance and peace. How do you make a movie about something so terrible this beautiful? » 8/24/09 7:00am 8/24/09 7:00am

One Character on Heroes is Dying, Another May Make the Move to Lost

One Heroes character gets a death sentence, a Heroes actor may turn up on Lost, and someone's seen the pilot script for Day One. Plus plenty of spoilers for Fringe, True Blood, The Book of Eli, Chuck, and Eureka. » 8/07/09 6:00am 8/07/09 6:00am

A Fine Line Between Heaven and Earth in Lovely Bones Trailer

The full trailer for The Lovely Bones has been released, bringing with it Peter Jackson's often surreal vision of the afterlife. It's a place where fantastical dreams spring to life, and where the living world continues to haunt the dead. » 8/05/09 10:30am 8/05/09 10:30am