Fantasy & Science Fiction's New Workshop Creates A Controversy

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction has established a new writing workshop with former Asimov's Magazine editor Gardner Dozois, and F&SF editor Gordon Van Gelder says the workshop will supply stories to F&SF in future. Although it's great for experienced editors like Dozois and Van Gelder to share their hard-won… » 6/30/09 2:23pm 6/30/09 2:23pm

Don't Blow Up The Spaceship Until The Second Paragraph!

Aspiring short story writers — and pretty much anybody who enjoys reading short fiction — should jet over to John Joseph Adams' blog. He's just reposted a roundtable featuring editors of three of the top short fiction magazines (Gordon Van Gelder with Fantasy & Science Fiction » 10/09/08 1:00pm 10/09/08 1:00pm, Sheila Williams with and Susan Marie…

Many-Handed Giant's Body Slowly Disintegrates

Hey, science fiction artists! Stop anthropomorphizing space stations and outposts! Just because a space station is run by artificial intelligences doesn't mean it has to look human — where are all the giant space lions these days? Actually, just kidding — this humanoid floaty station looks cool and impassive, and… » 5/01/08 4:00pm 5/01/08 4:00pm