In The Magician King, Lev Grossman's magical over-achievers finally get…

People sometimes tend to sum up Lev Grossman's fantasy debut, The Magicians, as a kind of anhedonic version of Harry Potter crossed with Narnia. But it's actually a lot deeper than that — The Magicians explored what happens when our fantasies come true, and what it means to put yourself, your screwy demented self, in… » 8/22/11 1:15pm 8/22/11 1:15pm

The Official Mapmaker of Lev Grossman's magical land reveals his secrets

If you adored the beautiful map of Fillory in the inside covers of Lev Grossman's The Magicians, then there's great news — artist Roland Chambers has created an even lovelier map for the sequel, The Magician King. » 6/23/11 3:30pm 6/23/11 3:30pm