Superman's Underpants For Sale in Malaysia

Now that Superman's no longer wearing his trademark red undershorts, in either the comics or movie versions, you might have wondered what's become of them. And apparently, they're in Malaysia, where they're a hot-selling item. » 1/30/12 6:20am 1/30/12 6:20am

Great Krypton! What the Hell happened to Superman's pants?

Everybody's focusing on the fact that these new Man of Steel set photos show Superman looking even more bearded and wild than his "hobo" look from a little while ago. Crave Online, which posted the photos, is wondering why Supes looks like Wolverine. » 10/14/11 1:19pm 10/14/11 1:19pm

Fan-Made Superhero Movie Posters We Wish Were Real

This might be the greatest time to be a fan of superhero movies. There were four major superhero films this summer, and three of them more or less ruled. Too bad our superpowered protectors have such boring — or even ugly — movie posters. » 8/26/11 11:04am 8/26/11 11:04am

Tons of Man of Steel Spoilers and Set Pics. Plus new hints for Captain…

The Wolverine has been delayed. Amy Pond gets tested all over again, on Doctor Who. A supermodel will impersonate Jeff Bridges. There are tons of set photos for Man of Steel, The Avengers, Supernatural and the Eureka finale. Will Ghostbusters 3 finally happen? » 8/26/11 6:00am 8/26/11 6:00am

Expect carnage in the True Blood Finale! Plus Scads of Set Pics from …

Don't expect every beloved character to survive True Blood's season finale! And don't hold your breath for the Ouija and Fantastic Voyage movies. Check out some photos of Brad Pitt shooting World War Z! Plus, what makes Loki tick in The Avengers, and a possible new Star Trek TV show. » 8/25/11 6:00am 8/25/11 6:00am

New Footage from the Avengers Set Shows Loki Terrorizing the…

Loki terrorizes Cleveland, in set pictures from The Avengers. New teasers will make you hunger for The Walking Dead. And finally, some hints at when Peter Bishop will return to Fringe. » 8/24/11 6:00am 8/24/11 6:00am


Chris Nolan is meeting with a short list of possible Superman directors

The new Superman movie is roaring ahead — The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan, who's producing, reportedly has five potential directors in mind, and he's meeting with them now. So who's in line to revamp the Man Of Tomorrow? » 9/23/10 6:22pm 9/23/10 6:22pm

That Superman/Batman Rivalry Comes 'Round Once Again

Celebrating DC Comics' 75th anniversary, Entertainment Weekly wonders who'd win in a fight: Batman or Superman. Clearly, it's Superman (Flight, strength, speed and heat-vision advantages are hard to beat), but Batman Vs. Wonder Woman...? That's the one we wonder about... » 3/13/10 10:30am 3/13/10 10:30am

It's Official: Dark Knight Co-Writer Tackling Superman

David S. Goyer, co-writer of The Dark Knight, will revamp Superman with a new film called The Man Of Steel. Can he do for Supes what he and the Nolans did for Batman? Spoilers ahead. Update: It's confirmed! » 2/24/10 4:25pm 2/24/10 4:25pm

Will Celluloid Continue To Be The Man Of Steel's Other Kryptonite?

It was the moment where a million fanboys cheered - I know, that I was one of them - but does Superman The Movie » 10/18/08 10:00am 10/18/08 10:00am director Richard Donner publicly stating that the Superman movie franchise should be handed over to writer (and former assistant to Donner) Geoff Johns actually mean that anything will change for the…